Stillwell: Representing WKU students would be ‘highest honor’

Katie Stillwell

I encourage all students to vote in the Student Government Association election on April 5-6. On these days, students will have the opportunity to vote for candidates running for president, executive vice president and administrative vice president.

I am running for the position of executive vice president, a position currently held by my friend Kendrick Bryan.

This is my first opportunity to run for a position in the executive branch of WKU’s SGA. Since December of 2009, I have had the esteemed pleasure to serve the SGA in the legislative branch as a student senator. My experience in the legislative branch has prepared me for service in the position of executive vice president.

I am an undergraduate student who has the opportunity to hear concerns of my fellow students every day. I intend to take these comments and concerns and address them through positive actions of the SGA.

In the past two years, I have been a part of some of the most major decisions the Student Senate has ever made. Quite recently, the senate passed a resolution supporting the Downing University Center renovations and a resolution to support the fair trade convergence.

In personal history, I have worked within a committee to write bills supporting the agriculture department’s ASSET Week and the New Beginnings bicycle ride fundraiser. My experience in working with students from a variety of interests has taught me the necessary skills to excel in the position of executive vice president.

The honor of being elected would allow me the opportunity to continue to serve WKU’s student body. I am passionate about SGA reaching out further to minority students, non-traditional students and veteran students. I will work diligently to improve communication within the SGA as well as outside of SGA.

It is my duty as an elected representative to help SGA serve students in any way possible, and in order for me to fulfill that duty, our organization must first communicate more effectively.

I will work to foster new relationships and continue to develop more seasoned relationships between the SGA and student organizations. It is my utmost desire that more students are actively involved in writing and developing legislation that will better the future of the Hill.

WKU is the home of my post-secondary education, and the students here are my family. I would consider it the highest honor to continue to serve the students.

On Tuesday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 6, please cast your votes.

Katie Stillwell

Bowling Green senior

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