SGA Chief Justice Crockett resigns

Mike Stunson

Student Government Association Chief Justice Dajana Crockett has resigned from her position and is no longer a WKU student.

Crockett was a member of SGA’s judicial branch for a year before being appointed as chief justice last semester.

SGA President Colton Jessie said he will look within the judicial branch as well as outside the organization to find a replacement and may appoint a new chief justice at tonight’s meeting.

The role of chief justice is to deal with judicial review for senators, to monitor elections and to interpret the SGA constitution. The chief justice is the head of the judicial branch.

Executive Vice President Kendrick Bryan said Crockett was a “wonderful branch member.”

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance with her departure,” he said. “She emphasized accountability and transparency, and I believe the next (chief justice) will hopefully do the same.”