New Taco Bell near campus plans to open next semester

Aaron Frasier

Editor’s note: This story was updated at 11:35 on March 2, 2011 to correct the spelling of Geoff Graves’ name.

A Taco Bell within walking distance of WKU’s campus will open as soon as October.

The new restaurant will be built at 1802 Russellville Road, near where Burger King recently closed.

From April 1-17, 2010, WKU students had the opportunity to vote between Taco Bell or Pizza Hut to be built there. In the poll, Taco Bell won, but construction isn’t planned to start until April.

“There was a Taco Bell license in town that had the territory tied up, so we haven’t been able to start,” said Geoff Graves, senior director of operations for Fugate Enterprises. The company owns numerous Taco Bells, Pizza Hut and Sonic restaurants, and conducted the survey.