Stephens: Vote for a student who votes for you

Billy Stephens

On April 5-6, elections will be held on TopNet for the Student Government Association. I will be running for the position of SGA president because I have a commitment to my fellow students to do everything I possibly can to make their educational experience here at WKU pleasant.

I have been in this organization for 2 1/2 years and have continued to possess an unwavering passion and dedication for this organization. The first year and a half I served in the legislative branch as student body senator. In this position I worked on study abroad scholarships, study away scholarships and scholar development grants.

This past year, I have served as an officer in the executive branch as the director of Academic and Student Affairs. As an officer, I have helped engineer and expand some of SGA’s signature services such as Dine with Decision Makers and the Hall of Distinguished Seniors. I have also sat in as the student representative in several university committees including University Athletics Committee, Food Services Committee, and Student Life Foundation.

I also promise to bring students fresh ideas. One of my main goals is to have a “dead” day of classes before finals week. This allows students the opportunity to study for an extra day before finals. This especially would help the students whose majority of classes are on Monday and Tuesday of finals week. I also plan on revising and thus improving the current Provide-a-Ride driving service for students on the weekends, in order to make the service more prompt and reliable.

I am also currently working on obtaining iPads at the Educational Resources Center as well as at the libraries for students to check out. Another project that I have begun working on is to offer a discounted or possibly free transcript week sponsored by SGA.

If elected, I aim to increase the visibility of SGA to the student body. I want to enhance our image to the student body and let the students have a clear understanding of what we do as an organization.

One of my first goals if elected is to work with athletics in order to have an SGA-sponsored football tailgate for the entire student body. I hope for SGA to rent out tents for many different student organizations and place them back in the heart of campus. I want to bring back that game day atmosphere to the Hill.

In the upcoming months, the Downing University Center will undergo massive reconstruction. Currently, I am on the Steering Committee for this renovation and serve as a voice of the student body. SGA is the organization that has worked with the university to see this project through and is the student voice in the programming aspect of the project. Therefore, I will continue to bring student concerns to this committee.

These are a few of my thoughts, but I’m eager to hear your thoughts and concerns. Vote for a student who votes for you. Vote Billy Stephens.

Billy Stephens

Hawesville junior

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