COMMENTARY: Leal Ambriz: ‘I want to be president because I want to help’

Diego Leal Ambriz

I am thankful for this opportunity to give the students at WKU a little more perspective on myself and why I would like to run for SGA president.

I came from Monterrey, Mexico, as an exchange student almost two years ago. I liked this university so much that I didn’t want to go back home. WKU has allowed me to grow as a person, and because of my excellent academic performance I was able to transfer and continue my studies at this amazing university.

I am a senior majoring in international business.


-Founding Father and President, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity

-Senator, SGA Ambassador, Gordon Ford College of Business

-Dynamic Leadership Institute Phases I and II

-Western Leader

-WKU Session of the LeaderShape Institute


-Dean’s List and President’s List since my arrival at WKU. (All three semesters GPA of 4.0/4.0)

-Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

I want to be president of the SGA because I want to help. WKU has done so much for me, and I want to give back. And what better way to help WKU than to help its actual student body?

I want to continue accomplishing the goals that were set in the bylaws of the SGA; to address student needs, interests and opinions toward all aspects of university life; to promote student well-being and involvement; to encourage diversity and tolerance between all groups and individuals; and to create proper channels through which student opinions, recommendations and requests may be expressed to university administrators.

Some ideas that I have to accomplish this are to:

– Stimulate health issues such as exercise among students. Offer students P90X classes in the afternoons where they are committing to a daily routine of healthy behaviors.

– Recycle. Make student apartments close to campus offer recycling containers, such as The Gables, where students do not separate aluminum cans from the rest of the garbage.

– Increase the amount of bikes offered by the free bike rental service at the Department of Facilities Management.

– Make sure smoking on campus occurs only in the designated areas.

– Increase participation of students in SGA meetings.


– I am involved. Students know me around here; they would feel very comfortable sharing their concerns to a friend – to me.

– My international background. It would be a great addition to the executive branch where I could bring a different perspective that stimulates the creation of ideas.

– My people skills. I truly care about other people. I am very polite and respectful, treating everyone around me the best way I can.

– I am very positive. My friends tell me that I always have this huge smile on my face and that it makes their day better. I want to spread my enthusiasm and my love for WKU with everybody I meet once I become president.


– My accent. Yes, some señoritas say it’s sexy, but sometimes I wish I could have the country accent going on.

Thank you WKU.

Diego Leal Ambriz

Monterrey, Mexico senior

This commentary doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the Herald or the university.