COMMENTARY: Bryan: I’m committed to enhancing the Hill

Kendrick Bryan

The Student Government Association election is March 29-30 on TopNet. WKU students will be able to vote for candidates competing for the offices of Senator, Administrative Vice President, Executive Vice President and President.

I am running for Executive Vice President because I want to continue working on topics concerning hard-working students.

As an elected officer, I have worked on a number of projects and concerns including free Blue Books and Scantrons, off-campus housing, residence hall handbook reform, Scholar Development Grants, Study Abroad scholarships, Study Away scholarships and syllabus transparency.

I have also worked to expand existing programs like Dine with Decision Makers, the Hall of Distinguished Seniors and Organizational Aid. In addition, I have helped change the parking notification policy to remind December graduates that they can turn in their parking passes for money.

If elected, I plan to emphasize many proposals regarding academic affairs, athletics, internal procedures and outreach.

Imagine being able to obtain three hours of credit for $80. CLEP exams are offered on campus for $100, and the SGA is working on an exam reimbursement program aimed at alleviating the cost of pursuing your college goals.

The SGA is also working to place iPads and additional test prep books in the Educational Resources Center and Apple TV units in the Technology Resource Center. Moreover, the SGA wants to have transcript discount days at Potter Hall.

In addition, I recognize that outreach is a growth area for the organization, which is why I will push for SGA to create new partnerships with the American Marketing Association, ImageWest and Students in Free Enterprise. I will also encourage branch members to have a presence at Academic Transition Program events and international student orientations.

Furthermore, it is my hope that SGA can help in raising voter awareness during the 2011 and 2012 state elections by promoting a voter turnout campaign and pushing for WKU to host candidate debates on campus. Imagine being able to attend a governor’s debate in Downing University Center or Van Meter Hall.

I will also pursue working with the Athletics department to donate game tickets to mentoring programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement and Upward Bound. Athletics and SGA can work together to promote student organization spirit competitions and meet and greet sessions with student athletes.

The SGA election is March 29-30 on TopNet. Vote for a candidate that understands every issue needs a champion.

Kendrick Bryan

Elizabethtown graduate student and SGA executive vice president

This commentary doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the Herald or the university.