Candidates share platforms at SGA debate

Mike Stunson

About a dozen students attended tonight’s Student Government Association spring election debate to hear first-hand the goals and ideas for each of the candidates running for executive positions in next week’s election.

The debate took place in the Downing University Center lobby, which presidential candidate Billy Stephens said was a good idea.

“I liked the atmosphere a lot more with it being in DUC,” Stephens said. “A lot of people walked by and were able to listen in.”

Stephens fielded questions along with fellow presidential candidate Diego Leal Ambriz, executive vice president candidates Katie Stillwell and Kendrick Bryan, and Devon Hilderbrandt, who is running unopposed for administrative vice president.

They debated questions from Herald moderators, followed by questions from the public, before making their final remarks.

“I really appreciate being able to hear everyone’s ideas,” Leal Ambriz said. “The student body will be in good hands no matter who is nominated.”

Questions revolved around SGA’s involvement with the DUC renovations, where SGA’s money goes and how they can help strengthen the interaction between dorms.

Candidates also presented their platforms to the crowd.

Leal Ambriz said he would like to promote exercise at WKU and have P90X classes at Preston Center, as well as an expansion on recycling at off-campus housing

Stephens hopes to implement a “Dead Day,” where there is no class for either one or two days before finals week. He also mentioned wanting more dependability from Provide-a-Ride.

Current President Colton Jessie said the strengths of both candidates were shown throughout the debate.

“I see good things from both people, and they have both showed why they would be good presidents,” he said.

Bryan, a graduate student, announced he would be at WKU throughout the next academic year. Stillwell, now an undergraduate senior, said she will graduate in December.

Elections for all executive offices as well as senator elections will be take place next Tuesday and Wednesday on TopNet.