Students try to shed pounds for spring break

Florence graduate student Katelyn Fichner pushes through the end of the 4 p.m. to 4:50 p.m. spinning class at the Preston Center on Monday afternoon. “I’m just working out to get in shape,” Fichner said.

Natalie West

With spring break around the corner, some students are noticing more traffic flow in the Preston Center as they try to get their bodies in peak condition.

Louisville senior John Robinson is one of the many students who frequents Preston to tone up for his spring break trip to South Carolina.

Robinson said he usually goes an hour each day for four days a week and that he mostly swims or lifts free weights.

He said his goal is to lose 15 pounds and to get rid of his stomach and “man boobs.”

“I’m a little too bootylicious,” Robinson said.

Though he usually likes to work out alone, Robinson said it is better with friends there because they encourage you to work harder.

He said that if his friends didn’t help, he might just sit at home.

But once he has worked out, Robinson said he really enjoys it because it clears his mind and he likes looking good after.

Robinson said he has noticed that it’s usually packed in Preston because other people are also trying to get fit this time of year.

“They want to look good when they take their shirt off,” he said.

Evansville sophomore Megan Rentsch said she has also noticed the increase in students at the gym during pre-spring break times.

“I feel like people get nervous and self-conscious about being in their swimsuits in front of all of their friends, and they will do anything to look their best,” she said.

Rentsch said she is heading to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and has been getting ready for spring and summer by working out three to four times a week.

She said that when she works out, she mostly runs on a treadmill as opposed to the group classes.

Bowling Green sophomore Poorvie Patel said she instructs the group yoga class and that, while many students are using the new renovated areas, she still has overcrowded classes.

“My classes are usually full 10 to 15 minutes before it even starts,” she said.

Patel said that her yoga class has become a huge fad and she thinks it will be the most crowded during this last week before people head to the sunny beaches.

She said that after spring break, though, the number of people will die down and it will just be the regulars who come.

Patel is also preparing for spring break she said. She is going to Panama and has been working out more and eating healthy to get ready for her trip.

Patel said the key to getting fit is setting realistic goals and making the time to workout.

“You’re not going to get a six-pack in a month,” she said.

Patel also advised that people continue to workout after they reach their goal, as she plans to do.

Union freshman Samantha Hawtrey said she also plans to continue her workout routine to reach her goal of being all-around fit.

“It’s the time of year I should start thinking about eating healthy and exercising,” she said.