Students pushing for Niteclass’ return

Lindsay Kriz

Two years ago, crowds of students and locals packed into Downing University Center’s Subway on the weekends.

But they weren’t there for the food.

Students were gathered to enjoy Niteclass — a music venue started in 1988.

However, after the spring 2009 semester, Niteclass never returned, and no one seems to know why.

Louisville sophomore Tyler Vogt is hopeful that the Campus Activities Board will approve Niteclass’ return to campus.

“We would probably have to get someone to be appointed as a leader to book the concerts,” he said.

Vogt said that as of right now, the Facebook group, “Get WKU to bring back Niteclass” is actively posting on the Campus Activity Board’s Facebook wall and communicating in back-and-forth conversations.

“This summer there was a venue called the Crow’s Nest, but the owner stopped paying for it after summer,” Vogt said. “After that, you could only play at bars, and not everyone can go to bars.”

Vogt said he hopes Niteclass will be brought back soon.

“It would be a great way for the music scene to be thriving around here,” he said.

Franklin junior Wyatt Dunning created the Facebook page. Dunning used to go to Niteclass when he was younger.

“I just thought of Niteclass a while back and decided to make a Facebook page for it,” he said. 

The page was created on March 20 and has almost 300 “likes.”

Dunning said he’s also talked to people who used to be involved to help the campaign.

Wesley Willoughby, a junior at Bowling Green Community and Technical College, is an administrator on the Facebook page. He said so far the group has been “spamming the hell out of the activities board page.” But Willoughby said the group needs someone to represent them at activities board meetings.

“They know of the group, but we haven’t really had any headway,” he said.

Louisville sophomore Michael Bush, a member of CAB and the Film Committee chair, said CAB has been talking about bringing Niteclass back since 2009.

Bush said discussion about bringing back Niteclass is the responsibility of his committee, and they are currently doing research on how well it was received in the past.

He said they are also researching to determine what aspects of Niteclass to keep and what to change.

The decision on whether to bring it back is ultimately up to the CAB leadership team.

“If it’s brought back, we’re going to try to bring it back this semester or next semester,” Bush said.

Bowling Green sophomore Matthew Graham is friends with Dunning and is helping with the campaign.

Graham said on the second day the Facebook page was active, CAB told the group that it would talk to the appropriate boards about bringing Niteclass back.

“All we need is room and the bands will come,” he said. “It’s like ‘Field of Dreams’.”