Bowling Green’s Civil War Round Table meets for first time at WKU

Taylor Harrison

Bowling Green’s Civil War Round Table met for the first time Thursday in Cherry Hall.

The meeting was headlined with a presentation by Gregg Biggs, the president of his own Round Table in Clarksville, Tenn.

Biggs said that each Round Table is different. While some are informal, others have sit-down dinners.

“Round Table is whatever you want it to be,” he said.

The basic premise is for people who share a mutual interest in the Civil War to meet and discuss history.

Bowling Green’s chapter will meet on the third Thursday of every month, except for in June, July and August. Annual membership dues for students are $10. Others can join for $20, and families can join for $30. The Round Table is open to all.

Thursday’s meeting, as it was the first, started off with nominations for officers.

Ron Hatcher, a member of the WKU Museum Advisory Council, was voted in as the group’s president.

“I’ve had a life-long interest in the Civil War, and in the past I was a member of the Lexington Round Table,” Hatcher said. “I enjoy the camaraderie with other people who have a strong interest in the Civil War.”

Hatcher also said he thinks that “to understand current events, a basic understanding of the Civil War is almost required.”

Hatcher said he was honored when Glenn LaFantasie, a professor who specializes in Civil War history, asked him to serve as the club’s president.

Biggs’ presentation Thursday focused on important Civil War battles that happened in the region.

After hearing Biggs speak, Nashville freshman Patricia Dinning said she plans to join the Round Table.

“I’ve always liked history, so even though I’m not a big fan of American history, it’s cool to learn everything I can,” she said.

Dinning found out about the Round Table from her history instructor, LaFantasie, who also spoke at Thursday’s meeting.

Jennifer Hanley, a history instructor at WKU’s Glasgow campus, also plans to join the club. She said she teaches about the Civil War, among other things.

The Round Table already has speakers lined up through November.