Patricia Arquette dated a murderer

Patricia Arquette dated a murderer


Patricia Arquette’s “worst date” was with a convicted murderer.

The 53-year-old actress joined in with a Twitter question about bad dating experiences and after reflecting on the “pro skateboarder” who was a bad kisser turned out to be Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski, who later confessed to confess to raping and murdering acquaintance Jessica Bergsten in 1991.

She tweeted: “Second date. Pro skateboarder. Really cute. Friends with my friends.

“We made out but something about how he kissed me freaked me out. I gave him a fake number.

“Years later he killed his girlfriend,’ she concluded starkly.”

Asked why his kissing “freaked [her] out”, she explained it was “aggressive”.

She added: “Like pushing me back hard with his jaw and it felt like it was angry.”

Patricia confirmed she was referring to Rogowski when asked by a fan.

She said: “Yes right. He raped and killed. His girl friend who was best friends with his x girlfriend.(sic)”

One user suggested the influence of religion had inspired the killer to confess after he confided in a born-again Christian friend.

Misremembering the details of the case, Patricia agreed: “‘I think without religion it never would have been solved. He told his priest.”

The ‘Boyhood’ star – who has Enzo, 32, with musician Paul Rossi – and daughter Harlow, 18, with ex-husband Thomas Jane – admitted the experience taught her the importance of trusting her instincts.

She wrote in a follow-up tweet: “Moral to the story — Trust your instincts. And my daughter thinks I’m overprotective.”

The ‘Escape at Dannemora’ actress admitted her date with Rogowski wasn’t the only time she’d encountered an aggressive kisser – but she swiftly taught the culprit a lesson.

After another Twitter user recalled their own scary kissing experience, she replied: “Another guy was like that one other time he bot me hard while kissing and I started choking him and told him don’t ever f***ing do that to a woman again.(sic)”