WKU implementing new employee tracking system

Caitlin Carter

Those applying for a job at WKU will soon find the process simplified.

Tony Glisson, director of Human Resources, said WKU is now implementing a new, more simple employee tracking system called PeopleAdmin.

“The system in place has been good,” Glisson said. “But we became aware of methodologies by which we could improve things.”

Glisson said WKU has used a paperless hiring system for about four years.

A paperless hiring process benefits WKU administration and the prospective employees by making the process quicker and more convenient, Glisson said.

Glisson said PeopleAdmin contains unique attributes that specifically help universities like WKU.

“The company we’re going to implement is actually used in 500-plus universities across the country,” Glisson said.

PeopleAdmin was developed to reduce the cost, time and risk that comes with the hiring process, according to its website. The system is capable of catching what the human eye doesn’t.

Right now, Glisson said WKU is in the latter stages of implementing PeopleAdmin.

“This is a transitional implementation. We’re not going cold turkey,” he said. “We’re going to make sure things happen the way we want them to happen.”

Ann Mead, vice president for Finance and Administration, said PeopleAdmin will aid search committees in their search for new employees.

She said the system will provide key words for the specific job WKU is seeking an employee for.

If an applicant uploads a resume not containing a designated amount of those words, Mead said the application will automatically be rejected.

“This is a good mechanism to screen applicants,” Mead said.  “It will save a lot of time.”

Mead said she also likes that the system lets those applicants who aren’t eligible for the job know that they didn’t receive it in a timely manner.

With the recent resignation of Libby Greaney, director of Health Services, Mead said the search for a new director will be the first use of the new system.