DUC resolution to be discussed at SGA tonight

Mike Stunson

After a week of hearing from students, the Student Government Association is ready for the next step in their plans for Downing University Center renovations.

SGA members were stationed in DUC throughout the past week, hearing students’ ideas and concerns for the project. Taking what they gained from the last week, SGA will have a revised resolution at tonight’s meeting, Campus Improvements Chairperson Kaylee Egerer said.

The resolution will be up for its first read, meaning it will be voted on next week by the senate.

“There will be updates in the resolution that will reflect on the student requests throughout last week,” Egerer said.

Chief of Staff Charlie Harris said the campaigning process went very well.

“We had a lot of great ideas, so I think we are done with this stage of the campaign,” Harris said.

SGA had white boards set up in DUC where students could write their suggestions. They filled up five boards, Harris said.

“Students mentioned they would like to see baby changing stations in the bathrooms, more sustainability throughout the building, and a lot of feedback on the food in DUC,” Harris said.

Egerer said Dining Services Director Tim Colley wrote down everything he saw on the boards pertaining to food services.

“Everything on the board helps us with the renovations, but it also helps groups like Dining Services,” Egerer said. “Whatever is realistic and the budget allows, we will look into.”

Egerer said the boards were full of mostly ideas and positive remarks, with some negative comments about the student fee. The current bill states students will have to pay $70 per semester over the course of the next 20 years to help finance the project.

“Most of the negative remarks were about the fee, but I did some research, and we are one of the cheaper universities in the state, so with an extra $70, it will still be cheap,” Egerer said. “And a student fee for a project is nothing that hasn’t happened before.”

SGA President Colton Jessie said he can relate to the people who are worried about the cost.

“No one is thrilled with the fee, but we look at it as an investment for the future,” Jessie said. “College is hard financially, but it is a much-needed sacrifice.”

Harris said he is excited for the updated resolution. SGA meets at 5 p.m. today in DUC Room 305.

“We have put so much effort into all of this, and we are close to moving to the next step,” he said. “There should be some good debate over it all at the meeting.”