WKU accounting students again filing taxes for free

Aaron Frasier

From now until April 7, students from the accounting department, Beta Alpha Psi and the Gordon Ford College of Business will be doing free income tax returns every Tuesday and Thursday, with the exception of Spring Break.

The returns will be done from 5-7 p.m. in Grise Hall Room 511B and will be free for students that live in Kentucky. Students from outside of Kentucky will have to pay $14.95. No appointment is necessary.

The department also offered free filing last year.

Executive-in-Residence Richard Callahan said students doing taxes at WKU have had at least one income tax class.

“We have four workers per night and usually get 200-220 students’ taxes done per year,” Callahan said.

On average, the students have been able to get about 12-14 tax returns filed per night.

Somerset senior Laura Leigh Zimmerman said filing taxes now is a good way to apply what’s learned in the classroom.

“It usually takes about 30 minutes for us to get a student’s taxes filed,” Zimmerman said. “The list filled up (last) Tuesday night, and we had to start making a list for Thursday.”

The deadline for taxes to be filed is April 15. To file with the accounting department, you must have your 2009 federal tax return or your username and password if you filed electronically last year.

You also must have all W-2 forms and any other income information. If you wish to make a direct deposit to your bank account, you must bring a blank check.

Assistance is not available for business tax returns or for individuals with a 2010 gross income above $31,000.

International students should contact the Office of International Programs about income taxes.

Students have many choices outside the accounting department to get their taxes done.

“Other options would be paying someone in town to do them or doing it themselves on an Internet software such as TurboTax,” Callahan said.