Freshman taken from Fresh Food for gun complaint

Lindsay Kriz

Students eating at Fresh Food on Thursday witnessed something they don’t see every day — police officers surrounding a student.

Hopkinsville freshman Connor McDonald was apprehended by campus police officers after a third-party complainant claimed McDonald was in possession of a gun, Captain Lee McKinney said.

Owensboro freshman Laura Byrd was sitting with McDonald when officers approached. She said the gun was a toy with an orange cap.

“We didn’t even know he had it on him,” Byrd said. “He wasn’t pulling it out or making a joke with it.”

McKinney said officers surrounded McDonald and led him to be interrogated.

McDonald voluntarily came with the officers and went to the station, where he gave a written statement about the incident. He was then released, and the incident is now in the hands of Judicial Affairs, McKinney said.

Owensboro freshman Jacob Spurrier was sitting with McDonald at the time of the incident.

“They came in and surrounded him and told him to have his hands up,” Spurrier said. “They grabbed him and took him into that dark room near Fresh for questioning.”

Spurrier said that after police were done questioning McDonald, he exited the room, gave his friends a thumbs-up and left with the officers.

Byrd said that McDonald likes to wear weird clothing and had no intention to hurt anybody.

“He’s completely harmless but can be weird,” she said.

When reached by the Herald, McDonald had no comment on the incident.