Four players confirmed gone from football team

Zach Greenwell

Head Coach Willie Taggart said Wednesday that he had “already forgotten” any players that decided to leave WKU’s football team in the offseason.

Looks like WKU’s memory is starting to come back.

The Daily News’ Nick Baumgardner first reported Thursday that four players — sophomore defensive lineman Korentheus Bailey, freshman defensive back Jerome Speights, freshman receiver Donald Campbell and freshman offensive lineman Dalton Diehl — are all no longer with the football program.

Todd Stewart, senior associate athletic director, confirmed the four players’ departures to the Herald.

It appears that all four are also no longer enrolled at WKU, as they no longer appear in the school’s student directory.

The Gainesville (Ga.) Times confirmed on Jan. 14 that Bailey has transferred to Georgia Southern. The destinations of the other three are unknown.

Multiple reports have also said that junior quarterback Matt Pelesasa is no longer with the team, although WKU has not officially commented on him. He too is no longer in WKU’s student directory.