CPE to create a strategic plan

Caitlin Carter

On Feb. 3, the Council on Postsecondary Education proposed a statute to mandate the development of a strategic agenda for Kentucky universities, according to agenda materials.

The statute will require that the CPE creates a strategic agenda every four years that focuses on college readiness; student success; efficiency and innovation; and research, economic and community development.

The creation of the strategic agenda will be a year-long process and will include input from university presidents, experts and business leaders.

Ann Mead, vice president for Finance and Administration, said the strategic agenda performance targets, which will influence funding, are going to be negotiated by each Kentucky university over the next few months.

The targets will measure standards including the number of remedial courses offered, graduation rates and the number of students who take online courses.

Mead said the 2012-2014 performance funding requests for WKU may look like a subset of these strategic agenda performance targets.

She said the strategic agenda will likely be approved by the CPE in June, with Kentucky universities continuing to meet and discuss the topic.