College Suites shooter arrested; Victim, shooter not WKU students

Lindsay Kriz

WKU students were not involved in a shooting Thursday night at College Suites apartments, 2426 Thoroughbred Drive.

Joshua Wickware, 22, was arrested and charged with evading police after he shot Shawne Green, 20, and attempted to run from police, according to Bowling Green public information officer Monica Woods.

Though College Suites is home to many WKU students, neither Wickware nor Green are listed in the school directory.

Wickware remains in the Warren County Regional Jail on a $2,020 cash bond.

Herald reporter Mike Stunson witnessed the shooting and said Green, who was unidentified at the time, was loaded onto a stretcher at the scene while holding his waist. Stunson later gave a statement to police.

Green’s condition and location are unknown at this time.

Police originally received a complaint at 10:26 p.m. about a fight at College Suites, Woods said. She said police received a report minutes later about the shooting.

Beth Hansen, property manager at College Suites, said on Friday that she doesn’t have enough information right now to decide on actions that “may or may not be necessary” in terms of the apartment complex’s future.

“It’s definitely an unfortunate situation, but it really isn’t anything I could have prevented,” she said. “I don’t think anyone could prevent an incident like that.”

Hansen encouraged College Suites residents with further concerns to contact her.

Reporter Jonathan Lintner contributed to this story.