MBA program planning trip to France

Hannah Bushon

In January, three educational leadership doctoral students participated in International Week at the University of Lyon in France.

During International Week, 40 professors and practitioners from 17 countries meet to offer courses on international issues, according to a university press release.

“Lyon University is the largest business school in France,” said Bob Hatfield, executive coordinator of the MBA program at Gordon Ford College of Business. “To put it in perspective, they have 6,000 business students. We have 2,000.”

Upon the success of the doctoral student’s trip, Hatfield announced the Professional MBA program hopes to visit the University of Lyon in 2012.

Hatfield said some students from Lyon will visit WKU this May, and WKU students plan to travel to France the following year to visit the University in Lyon, as well as businesses in the area.

While details on the MBA program’s trip are still unclear, those involved agree on its benefits.

Exploring cultures, especially through business, will help MBA students understand more about the business world, said April Schleig, director of MBA Admissions.

“There is a value in understanding the global market,” she said.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported in January that Hatfield was a recent finalist for a business dean opening at Northern Kentucky University. But Hatfield said he didn’t get the position and, as a result, is staying put at WKU.

He’s been teaching at WKU since 2003 and originally earned his bachelor’s degree here before getting a law degree from the University of Louisville and a doctoral degree in management from Indiana University.

“There’s not much of a story” to not getting the NKU job — just that he’ll now refocus on what’s going on at the WKU business school and the new study abroad agreement, Hatfield said.

“This agreement expands opportunities for students and faculty at both institutions to visit and study in France and the U.S.”