Jodie Turner-Smith wouldn’t make another action movie while pregnant

Jodie Turner-Smith wouldn’t make another action movie while pregnant


Jodie Turner-Smith wouldn’t make another action movie while pregnant.

The 34-year-old actress – who has 11-month-old daughter Janie with husband Joshua Jackson – plays Navy Seal Karen Greer in ‘Without Remorse’ and though she did her best to look after herself while making the film, she doesn’t think she’d do something so gruelling again if she has another baby.

She said: “I had to look after myself. In hindsight, would I do an action movie while pregnant again? Definitely not.

“It’s so often taken for granted when women have children that you just push through and keep going and you can’t slow down, when in all reality you have to give yourself as much time and space as possible.

“I’m glad I did it, it was an experience, but my body needed a lot more rest and relaxation than I was giving it.”

And Jodie wasn’t able to “sit out” many of the action scenes

She told Total Film: “I didn’t get the chance to sit out many action scenes!

“Stefano (Sollima, director) likes to capture as much as he can with the actors. So when it came to explosions and stuff like that, we were really in there.

“There’s an intense scene with the plane. When we filmed that, there were certain things with hydraulics and shaking that I wouldn’t do because of my baby, but when it came to being blown up and being in a gun fight, I did it. I had a knife fight as well.”

And Jodie found it particularly “tough” because there were so few women on set.

She said: “There was one other woman in the cast. And I did it when I was pregnant! It was tough. Everyone was obviously supportive, but men don’t have the same priorities that women do, and don’t understand what a woman’s body is going through.

“So you try to bridge the gap with as much communication as possible.”