Students get to know decision makers at SGA event

Mike Stunson

The best chili in Kentucky, ’80’s hair metal and wrestling are not topics one might expect to talk about with Kentucky’s Secretary of State.

But these were some of the points of interest in Trey Grayson’s conversation with WKU students at his table at the Student Government Association’s Dine with Decision Makers event on Tuesday evening.

Grayson, along with more than a dozen decision makers from across the state, shared a meal and conversed with students at the Cupola Room in Downing University Center.

Grayson said he enjoyed the casual conversation with the students seated at his table.

“Because the conversation was so casual it made it a lot more revealing for all of us,” he said. “We all got to know each other pretty well.”

Administrative Vice President Wade Pierce, sitting at the same table as Grayson, said he saw Grayson in a “new light” after his conversation with him.

“It was cool to learn about him on a personal basis, rather than what we hear about him in the press,” Pierce said.

About 50 students attended the event, Executive Vice President Kendrick Bryan said.

“It was bigger than last year,” he said. “We had more decision makers and more student interest overall and we are very proud to sponsor it.”

Grayson said by attending this event and talking with students, he hopes for people to see him as more of a normal person.

“A lot of politicians are just like everyone else,” Grayson said. “I want to show students that we care about them and their views.”

Bryan was seated with retired Kentucky Supreme Court Justice William S. Cooper. Bryan said their conversation topics included the current state of politics, local races and higher education. He said he thinks all of the decision makers enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the event.

“They enjoyed talking to students outside of the campaign and just enjoyed the conversation,” Bryan said.