SGA postpones DUC renovation project

Mike Stunson

At tonight’s Student Government Association meeting:

-President Colton Jessie shared his thoughts on tabling the resolution to support the Downing University Center renovation project with the senate, saying there was not enough student input at the time. The senate later voted to table this resolution until next semester.

-Billy Stephens, director of academic and student affairs, said the selections has been made for this year’s Hall of Distinguished Seniors and they will be on the SGA website this week.

-A total of $6,431.80 in Organizational Aid money was given to 13 organizations.

-Three students received scholar development grant awards. Two received $100 while another received $200.

-A total of $7,700 was granted to students from the study abroad scholarship fund.

-SGA allocated $300 to help fund courses being offered during the Summer 2010 term in Greece. The three courses offered are HIST 305, RELS 399 and RELS 499.

-Dine with Decision Makers took place after the meeting. Check back later for more on this story.