McDonald makes good on promise to reimburse for Vandy loss

Zach Greenwell

Apparently Head Coach Ken McDonald wasn’t just venting.

After WKU was “embarrassed” in an 82-62 loss at Vanderbilt on Dec. 1, McDonald said he was ready to reimburse fans who made the trip to Nashville.

“We didn’t play close to half a game,” McDonald said after the game. “I’m mostly disappointed in that. I told the guys that anyone that came down, I’m going to write them a check for the gas money to come down here. It’s not right, and we’re going to change that.”

The comment seemed at the time like one of those things coaches say after a tough loss, but the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Rick Bozich reported Thursday that McDonald has carried through.

Todd Stewart, WKU senior associate athletic director, confirmed to the Herald Thursday that McDonald sent checks to the 15-20 people who sat behind the Toppers’ bench to compensate them for their gas mileage from Bowling Green to Nashville and back.

Bozich reported in his blog post that each check was for $60.

Stewart told the Herald that the checks were sent the week after the game, and that to WKU’s knowledge, no one has cashed one yet.