Crime Reports

Lindsay Kriz


■ Amber Nickels, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported Nov. 15 that her laptop was stolen from her room. The value of the theft was $1,040.

■ Todd Ellis, Bowling Green, reported on Nov. 13 that his green iPod Nano was stolen from Garrett Conference Center. The value of the theft was $176.

■ Dillon Ward, PFT, reported Nov. 13 that his wallet was stolen from his room. The value of the theft was $12.

■ Jerri McMillan, Minton Hall, reported on Nov. 12 that her wallet and keys had been lost in the fine arts center. The value was $45.

■ Kathryn Henson, PFT, reported that unknown people entered her room and stole her computer. The value of the theft was $700.


■ Jordan Mark Iverson, Keen Hall, was arrested for driving under the influence on Nov. 12 after he was found intoxicated and sleeping in a driver’s seat of a green Ford Explorer with the engine still running. He was released the same day on a $500 surety bond.