SGA switches to ‘greener’ test materials

Mike Stunson

Students may be used to picking up free Scantron answer forms from the Student Government Association office, but SGA is now switching gears to a “greener” version of the Scantron forms.

SGA recently purchased 4,000 Apperson answer forms. The new forms are made out of 100-percent recycled material and are also cheaper than the Scantron forms.

SGA President Colton Jessie said using these new forms is a win-win situation for students and SGA.

“Students are getting materials that are better and cheaper, so there is really no negative thing to come out of it,” he said.

Administrative Vice President Wade Pierce said the 4,000 Apperson forms cost $197, as opposed to the $300 cost for just 1,000 Scantron forms.

“Since they are cheaper and environmentally friendly, we figured why not use these,” Pierce said.

Even though they’re a different brand, the new forms will still work with the Scantron machines.

Jessie spoke to the University Senate and sent out e-mails to department heads and deans about the new forms. He said none of them had anything negative to say about the switch. 

“I don’t see it being a problem with any teachers as long as they work with the current machines, which they do,” Jessie said.

SGA will begin distributing the Apperson forms when they run out of the current Scantron forms, Jessie said.

SGA recently received its promotional materials, including keychain bottle openers with the Provide-A-Ride phone number on it. Chief of Staff Charlie Harris said they’ll pass out these Apperson forms with the materials.

“We will try to advertise these as much as we can,” Harris said.

Pierce said it’s important for SGA to help the campus “go green.”

“It is a good initiative to go towards 100-percent recyclable (forms),” Pierce said. “We want to find ways for us to go green in all aspects.”