‘Rocky Horror’ has a big turn out on Halloween

Jacob Ryan

Kendra Esparza got hooked on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” when she was 14 years-old.

The Evansville native said she’s been participating in the show every year since then, she hasn’t missed a show in 16 years.

Esparza said tonight’s show at the Capitol Arts Theatre was a complete success.

“Tonight was a very good time,” she said. “The crowd was great, so much fun.”

She said she loves to hear the audience and see the different types of people that come to the event.

Esparza said she has been Mistress of Ceremonies for the past two years, giving her the responsibility of getting the audience in the proper spirits.

When she took the stage tonight she was greeted with cheers and curses from the crowd, which are all a part of the show, she said.

“The audience is absolutely my favorite part,” she said. “I want to please them and make them feel at home, so everyone can have a good time.”

WKU’s Campus Activities Board hosts the annual showing of the movie.

CAB president Rahwa Mehari said the show always attracts a good crowd.

She said close to about 800 tickets were sold at tonight’s show.

Mehari said she enjoys working the event because the different costumes.

“You’ll see the craziest things,” she said.

CAB member Sheena Brown said cast members try to make the show as ridiculous as possible.

“Anything can happen at these shows,” she said.

Cast member Luke Jean, a Hopkinsville sophomore, said he was excited to make the night an all out sex show.

“It went very well,” he said. “It was a lot of fun.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is cult-classic adaptation of a 1970’s play written by Richard O’Brien.

Cast member Wes Peden, a Glasgow freshman said the crowd participation keeps the show interesting.

“There isn’t much intellect involved,” he said. “But as far as fun goes, there’s a lot of fun.”

Oak Grove sophomore Vernell Bourne said he came for the fun.

“I definitely enjoyed the pure insanity of it,” he said. “It follows no rules.”

Bourne said dressing in costume was his favorite part.

Shannon Baize, a Bowling Green freshman, said her favorite part was listening to the crowd shout obscenities.

Baize said it was her first time attending the show, but come back next year.

“It was pretty awesome,” she said.