LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students deserve reason for why they can’t play Humans v. Zombies

President Gary Ransdell,

You may remember seeing students gallivanting around campus with orange bandannas and NERF dart blasters last semester; that was Humans vs. Zombies. We successfully ran the event with 90+ students and the blessing of the campus administration. It was a smashing success with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Our mission statement is: “To promote fitness, create leadership, foster inventive thinking, break down social barriers, and provide neutral space for communication through our game by engaging the student body and encouraging students to work together in out-of-the-box situations.” How could something so beneficial to campus be seen as a threat?

When we met and talked about the timing of the game, we found that this game isn’t compatible with the week of Homecoming, and in fact Humans vs. Zombies would be hindered greatly by all the activity on campus.

This is why we have elected to move Humans vs. Zombies to the week of November 1st, after Homecoming. This way we can play the way it was meant to be played, and the Homecoming activities can take place without our nuisance.

We have been told we cannot hold this event by Student Affairs, in contradiction with the fact that they gave us the go-ahead for a successful and safe game last semester.

Institutions like Eastern Kentucky, Purdue University, and Penn State have all played successful games, and continue to do so.

We deserve a reasonable explanation for why this popular, safe, fun, and social experience cannot take place.

Tommy Fritz

Jasper, Ind., senior