Letter to the Editor: Student Support Services helps students succeed

Entering college, I was not very nervous because I received some great insight about postsecondary education from participating in the Atlanta Metropolitan College Upward Bound program, which is a TRIO program – federally funded student outreach program. During my time there, my counselors always advised seniors to apply for Student Support Services – another TRIO program – at their prospective colleges and universities. Once I graduated, I heeded my counselors’ advice and applied for SSS here at WKU.

Aside from excellent grades and study habits, exposure to new ideas and experiences are essential aspects of college. Exposure is what makes the difference between a person’s thoughts and actions; I know this for a fact.

For instance, I had always thought about debating and wondered if I would be good at it. Miraculously, from speaking with my SSS adviser, I found out about a vacant spot on the debate team and took advantage of it.

Preparing for the debate wasn’t easy, and I was nervous because it was my first time. To my surprise, my debate partner and I won first place in the statewide TRIO Day Debate. I was very proud of myself because I overcame my inhibitions about public speaking and proved myself as a debater, a title that I never used. If it were not for SSS, I honestly would have never tried it.

Open-mindedness helps you get the most out of the college experience, but it is not worth anything if no one is there to point you in a positive direction.

My favorite part of SSS is that the staff is there to steer you along the way. I remember many instances when I would go into my adviser’s office to complain about a class and he’d immediately change my negative mindset and offer his assistance.

SSS really lives up to its name because every time I walk into the office, I never worry about being politically correct or not being myself, because the advisers are there to support me.

WKU’s SSS has helped me thrive in college and prepare for success in life by revealing many opportunities and by supporting me at times when I was unsure of which direction to take.

I can’t imagine achievements in college and in life without the aid I have received. And I encourage you to check it out. After all, there is no “I” in success, but there are three “S’s.”

Jasmine Kelly

Atlanta junior