Extra Questions with Lee Hale, men’s basketball manager

M. Blake Harrison

Junior Lee Hale is a third-year manager with the WKU men’s basketball team.

Q. What made you choose basketball?

A. Basketball’s always been a big part of my life. I was born in Louisville, and just growing up around a basketball family and a family that loves sports in general, it was fun for me. I’ve been managing since seventh grade. I’m in year nine now and never thought it was time to change sports.

Q. What’s your favorite part of your job?

A. I think the travel and interaction with players — from our team and from different teams. Getting to see the different facilities and meeting the other players and coaching staffs really gives you a good feel for the sports environment. No one really enjoys practice, but when season gets here, that’s when all the fun happens.

Q. What do you recall about the 2008 NCAA tournament run?

A. I got to film the Illinois game and talk to their managers. It was a lot of fun. I got to work the bench for the Gonzaga game, which was exciting, but disappointing on the outcome. That was thrilling for me — getting to see that massive arena — better than anything I could’ve hoped for. The NCAA trip was one of the greatest moments of my sports career to this point.

Q. What memory sticks out the most from your experience so far?

A. Freshman year I got to room with (senior forward) Sergio Kerusch over the Christmas break, and we had our struggles getting used to each other. That was an exciting time because working my side you don’t fully understand the player lifestyle. Once you get to live with them for awhile, you get a better feel for it.

Q. Can you describe Sergio Kerusch?

A. Serge is crazy, but he’s a lovable guy. He wants to work hard; he just has trouble getting focused sometimes. Once he gets focused, he’s a very, very good athlete. Serge is athletic. He’s very determined. You can just tell he wants it really bad.