Technology vs. Horse wins RevFest’s Battle of the Bands

Chris Rutledge

The results are in, and the winner of RevFest 2010’s Battle of the Bands is Technology vs. Horse.

The band was selected over nine other bands on Saturday at the annual event hosted by WKU’s Revolution 91.7 radio station.

Perhaps most surprised by the victory were the band members themselves.

Guitarist Rafe Heltsley, a WKU graduate, said that the band was delightfully surprised by the decision.

“Going in we didn’t think we had a chance in hell of winning,” Heltsley said. “I was banking on The Black Shades.”

The band won two days of music recording at Greyskull Recording. Heltsley said the band was in the process of recording an album at home, but they will probably toss those recordings and rerecord the album at Greyskull.

“It’s good to have stuff finally going our way,” Heltsley said.

Despite being scheduled during the football game, Program Director Stacie Hewitt estimates more than 250 students attended the event.

This was sophomore Logan Scott’s second time attending RevFest.

“What’s great about (RevFest) is getting to meet random people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet,” Scott said.

Several students came out to support their friends and favorite local bands, and many others came to enjoy the weather.

Mia Jackson, a sophomore and good friend of Simon Lute of Harlequin’s Baby, came for both.

“It’s right on campus, it’s outside and it’s beautiful weather. What else can you do but listen to good music?” she said.

Reporter Stephani Stacy contributed to this story.