Zombies overtake the Hill

25 year old John Madrigal of Bowling Green coordinated the first annual WKU Zombie Walk in which close to fifty people participated. Participants dressed in zombie attire and walked from Centennial Mall on WKU’s campus to the downtown square and back. TIM HARRIS/HERALD

Ross Whitaker

WKU’s campus played host to a hoard of zombies tonight during the first annual “WKU Zombie Walk”.

Attendees painted themselves with makeup and fake blood in preparation for the event. Some of the zombies sported elaborate costumes while others wore simple torn clothing.

The walk began at Centennial Mall and then continued down State Street and into Fountain Square.

The zombies limped, shuffled and occasionally crawled to reach their destination. Some even began to sing the song “Zombie” by The Cranberries.

John Madrigal, a Bowling Green resident, coordinated the event.

He called it the “First Annual WKU Zombie Walk” and hopes that it will become an annual tradition.

Madrigal said that seeing photography and videos from other zombie walks inspired him to organize this one.

His love for zombie movies like “Dawn of the Dead” also added to his inspiration.

Madrigal said that he had also attended and participated in a few walks before such as one in Tampa, Fla.

He said he thought October would be the best time to have the event because of Halloween.

Amy Kaczynski, a Bowling Green resident, and her 12-year-old daughter Cheyenne participated in the walk tonight.

“We love zombie movies and we like zombies,” she said. Kaczynski said she and her daughter particularly enjoy “Shaun of the Dead” and “Resident Evil”.

Louisville senior Julia Fisher and alumni Naomi Lowe were there promoting the final roller derby bout of the season dressed as zombie cheerleaders. The duo are known as Julia Ghoulia and NomNomNomi and are a part of “The Little Dead Gorevettes,” which is the cheering squad for the local roller derby teams.

“We’re here promoting zombieism,” Lowe said. She encouraged several people in the crowd to attend tonight’s roller derby game called “Tricks vs. Treats”.

Bowling Green resident Kenneth McIntyre donned a bloody suit for the event rather than his regular Naval uniform. He will be reporting for basic training for the Navy in December and hopes to attend WKU soon after.

“I’ve got to do as many stupid things as I can before I leave,” he said. “Plus I like zombies.”

Madrigal had some friends among the zombie horde as well. Brandon Jones and Taylor Seals were at the event assist attendees with makeup.

Bowling Green local Jeff Williams was one of many citizens surprised by the zombies presence.

“I can tell they took a lot of pains and really worked hard,” Williams said commenting otheir zombie costumes. He said that the zombie walk wasn’t for him, but he didn’t see any harm in it and the participants seemed to be having fun.