Guthrie, Marksberry facing off for 2nd District House seat

Jacob Ryan

Health care

Both candidates want to have lower prices for patients.

Guthrie – Has supported reforms that reduce government control of health coverage; thinks government-controlled health care could move the country deeper into debt.

Marksberry – Says he’s an advocate for common sense follow-up reforms to bring down costs, improve medical delivery and reduce medical error.

Reducing nation’s debt

Guthrie – Thinks government spending must be reduced; thinks that future generations could suffer from the economy’s current situation.

Marksberry – Thinks a change in tax codes and trade policy, along with support of middle-class growth will be helpful in economic growth.


Guthrie – Thinks workplace competition should be encouraged to ensure workers acquire needed skills.

Marksberry – Thinks getting Americans stable, good paying jobs is the best way to address the poor economic condition.