Emslie listens to student concerns

Laurel Wilson

A handful of students attended a forum with Gordon Emslie, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, as he continued his listening tour on Wednesday in the Garrett Conference Center auditorium.

“We aren’t responsible for and can’t change things that happened four years ago, but we can listen to input for the future,” Emslie said.

Emslie said he and Gordon Baylis, vice president for Research, have been trying to hear from as many students and faculty as possible during their first months at WKU.

At the forum, students expressed concerns about several issues, including making the nursing program larger, requiring syllabi to be posted on TopNet before classes start, having more vegan options on campus, being able to recycle more items on campus and creating more parking for commuters.

Emslie took notes and thanked the students for their suggestions.

“It’s not my goal to make concerns go away, but to push the concerns to a higher level,” he said.

For example, he said he hopes to make it so that people won’t need to ask for more recycling but will offer ways to make it better, or be at a higher level.