Employee premiums won’t go up

Caitlin Carter

After six years of insurance premium inflation, WKU employees will find relief in 2011.

This year, there have been more university contributions to insurance plans, which has ensured that 2011’s premium won’t rise, Human Resources Director Tony Glisson said.

“Because of (the contributions), the university and its employees are able to move forward,” Glisson said.

Glisson said the WKU administration is always pleased when premiums don’t increase because employees won’t have to worry about an extra financial burden.

Representatives from other state universities, such as the University of Louisville and Murray State University, said the schools have not completed their insurance plans for 2011 and aren’t sure whether premiums will increase.

U of L and Murray will have drafts ready by next week.

WKU’s Benefits Committee has worked to sustain a consistent level of care and co-pays, President Gary Ransdell said in an e-mail on Wednesday.

Dental insurance coverage in 2011 will also not see a premium increase, Ransdell said in the e-mail.

Along with the regular plans, Ransdell said new home and auto insurance options will become available next year.

Though 2010 saw an increase in premiums, the insurance plan and rate has proved successful for the university and employees, Glisson said.

“We’ve had a great year, thus far, in terms of 2010 when we look at revenues and expenses of the plan,” he said.

Currently, WKU is still working out all of the details for the 2011 insurance plans, Glisson said. Employees can expect a finalized plan in coming weeks.