Paul, Conway fighting for in Kentucky’s open Senate seat

U.S. Senate

Lucas Aulbach

Health care reform

Paul – Opposes Obama’s health care plan; supports a free market approach to health care reform, including making all medical expenses tax deductible and allowing doctors to collectively negotiate with insurance companies.

Conway – Supports Obama’s health care reform but would also push for legislation to give Medicare purchasing power for prescription drugs.


Paul – Opposes cap-and-trade; supports cutting taxes and regulations on energy innovation but against government subsidies on wind and solar energy.

Conway – Opposes cap-and-trade; supports federal investments in clean energy technology

Wall Street reform

Paul – Opposes all federal bailouts of private companies.

Conway – Thinks Washington wrote a “blank check” to big businesses and that it should never happen again, especially without more accountability from the government.


Paul – Supports balancing the federal budget and cutting federal spending to lower national debt; believes lowering taxes and regulation on small businesses will help the economy recover.

Conway – Supports tax credits and loans for small businesses; encourages supporting Kentucky’s traditional industries, such as coal, in addition to emerging industries, such as health care and clean energy.

Social Security

Paul – Supports social security reform for younger generations.

Conway – Supports social security as a public program and promises to maintain it.


Paul – Against amnesty and supports deporting illegal immigrants.

Conway – Supports amnesty for illegal immigrants and a process for them to become U.S. citizens.

Gun control

Paul – Believes in fewer gun restrictions and enforcement of the second amendment.

Conway – Has consistently voted against gun restrictions.


Paul – Abortion should be illegal.

Conway – Abortion should be an uncommon but legal procedure.

Sources: The Lexington Herald-Leader, Associated Press, The Louisville Courier-Journal, candidates’ campaign websites.