LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s time for a purple invasion

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so everything from coolers and pencils to hats and water pitchers is sporting the pink ribbon. But have you seen any purple?

You see, October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month, signified by a purple ribbon. And though it rarely kills, domestic violence and dating violence create lasting pain in the lives of many women and men every day – men and women who are hurt physically and emotionally by the ones they love.

One in three women and one in six men will be victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence in their lifetime. That means at WKU, there are about 4,000 female victims and 700 male victims living among us right now, going to class with us, working out next to us in the Preston Center, or waiting in line at Red Zone behind us. How can we ignore that?

We can’t. So come to Love the Way You Lie on Tuesday, October 12th at 7 p.m. in the Mass Media auditorium to show your support for those dealing with intimate partner violence and find out ways you can prevent this from happening in the future.

We may have to rely on doctors to find the cure for cancer, but we can cure this problem now.

Alyssa Stephens

Fallon, Nev., senior