New VP Costello visits WKU

Laurel Wilson

Kathryn Costello, the newly-named vice president for Development and Alumni Relations, is in Bowling Green visiting WKU for the next few days.

Costello said at a press conference this morning that she’s here “to get acquainted with the people and culture.”

She said she’s met the administrative council, many of whom are new themselves.

“It’s exciting when an institution refreshes itself,” Costello said.

She said she was initially not interested in the position at WKU but became intrigued because of President Gary Ransdell’s leadership. She knew Ransdell from working with him at Southern Methodist University more than 20 years ago and has followed the transformation he’s made at WKU.

Costello said she wants to see what she can contribute to that transformation, although she said WKU “doesn’t need a change agent.”

“I’m coming in not to fix things, but I’m coming to join the team,” she said.

Costello, who will officially begin on Jan. 1, said her number one goal is to complete the capital campaign that’s two years away from ending.

For the next two months, she’ll be doing her homework and studying the campaign to map out a strategy, she said.

“I need to catch up fast because we’re already in the middle of the campaign,” she said.