Deltas look to break curse at annual step show

Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters (from left) Tabnie Dozier, a senior from Lexington, Ky., Kelcie Swogger a senior from San Antonio, Texas, Teranie Thomas a junior from Dallas, Texas, and Rae Daniel a senior from Cincinnati, Ohio, practice together for their upcoming step show Monday, Oct. 18, in Diddle Arena. The sorority has been practicing since June for the show which is set to take place Homecoming weekend. Delta Sigma Theta will be stepping against Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority for the 40th anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta. ALYSSA ORR/HERALD

Katherine Wade

Among the hard work, nerves and excitement surrounding the Homecoming Step Show this year, a curse will be tested.

In WKU’s Greek history, no organization has ever won a Homecoming Step Show on the year of their 40th anniversary.

In 2008, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority celebrated its 40th anniversary and lost the Step Show. In 2009, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity did the same.

Now Delta Sigma Theta sorority, which has won the past three shows, is facing the test.

The 2010 Homecoming Step Show is themed “Nightmare on Greek Street” and will take place on Oct. 30. Four Greek organizations will compete.

Lexington senior De’ire Foxx, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, said he thought his team should have won the Step Show last year.

“We had a really good show, everything was in place,” he said.

Even though they lost, Foxx said he doesn’t believe in the curse.

“Alpha Phi Alpha, who won last year, had a really good show also,” he said.

Louisville senior Petre Freeman, a member of the Deltas’ step committee, said she expects their team to break the curse.

As a member of the step committee, Freeman won’t actually perform in the show, but she said her job is just as hard.

“We deal with props, costumes, fundraising and music,” she said. “They do the physical stuff, and we do the behind the scenes.”

One of the members doing the physical work is Louisville junior Regina Garr. Although this will be her first time stepping in a WKU Step Show, Garr said she started stepping in elementary school.

The Deltas’ step team has been preparing for this show since the summer putting in at least 18 hours of practice a week, Garr said.

“It’s been an experience,” she said. “Whenever you put hard work into something, there are going to be smiles and cries. We’re just trying to carry on the legacy.”

Like Garr, all the members of the Deltas’ step team this semester have never stepped in a WKU show before.

Lexington senior Tabnie Dozier, who’s also performing in the show, said she has loved her experience stepping so far.

“It’s time consuming, and it’s hard work, but it’s something I’ve never done before, and I’m really enjoying it,” she said.

Garr said that although she doesn’t believe in the curse, there might be a real explanation for the rumors.

“When it comes to things like a 40th anniversary, people get too excited or nervous, and they try to overachieve,” she said.

Dozier agreed.

“When an organization celebrates its 40th anniversary, all eyes are on them,” she said. “The judges may be extra critical because they think you better bring it.”

The step show isn’t the only part of the Deltas’ 40th anniversary celebration. Throughout the weekend they’ll have visits from the charter members and other alumni and participate in events like tailgating, banquets and community service.

Dozier said that although she typically doesn’t believe in curses, it wasn’t encouraging to hear about it. But she’s confident the Deltas will win the competition.

“Even if you take away our past three wins, we’re still the best,” she said. “We have the best enthusiasm, skill and overall organization on campus.”

Should the curse remain, it will be tested again in 2012, when Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity celebrates its 40th anniversary.