Team to handle ‘highly-volatile’ campus incidents

Spencer Jenkins

Five WKU police officers have completed initial training for the department’s special response team, which is designed to protect the campus community during high-risk situations.

Two more officers are going through the process now, according to an e-mail interview with Joe Harbaugh, captain of professional standards for WKU police. The goal for the team is to have between 10 and 12 officers certified.

Once the team is fully staffed and ready, its primary mission will be “to preserve life during critical incidents by providing an effective and controlled response to high risk circumstances through additional training, weapons and equipment,” Harbaugh said.

The team is extensively trained, he said. It’s role is to handle “highly-volatile” situations, such as a shooter on campus or complex crime scene.

In-house training for the team started in September and will continue throughout the year, at a minimum of eight hours per month, Harbaugh said.