Homecoming date worth taking home to Mom and Dad

Andrew Robinson

WKU needs a slumpbuster.

The past three Homecomings haven’t been good.

Two years ago, when it looked like WKU was going to end the night well with a victory, North Texas broke hearts with a last-second touchdown, sealing the win.

Last season, Troy came marching in on Homecoming. Troy is a good football team. That game probably wasn’t going to end well from the beginning. I would be willing to say that labeling that game ‘Homecoming’ was a scheduling mistake.

And we all know what happened 48 hours after that loss.

We gathered in a room in Diddle Arena and were told the David Elson era was over.

WKU hasn’t won a Homecoming game since 2006.

Homecoming games are supposed to be victories. You’re supposed to bring back all the alumni, they drink a few beverages, play a little cornhole, tailgate in Willieville, the Toppers win.

And a good time is had by all.

But we don’t need to rehash WKU’s struggles throughout the last couple of years on Homecoming, or any weekend for that matter.

The key to a good Homecoming is scheduling an opponent you know you can beat, an attractive opponent to send everyone home with smiles.

Saturday is a new beginning.

It comes with one smoking hot Homecoming date; a sure-fire 10.

Girls want to be her. Guys want to be with her.

One that is sure to send everyone home happy: North Texas.

The Mean Green are on their second head coach this season — a tell-tale sign that things aren’t going well.

And I never wish unemployment upon anyone, but Head Coach Willie Taggart should probably be OK with former Mean Green coach Todd Dodge being ousted in Denton, Texas.

Dodge had the Toppers’ number.

He was fired with six career wins at North Texas and three of those were against the Toppers.

Last year, in that arena-ball shootout, there were 1,008 combined yards between the two teams.

Talk about working the field.

Yes, WKU must be pleased with who is showing up on the front step Saturday.

Fresh off the program’s first victory since Sept. 20, 2008, the Toppers are taking on the Mean Green. How mean are they really?

In addition to breaking the Toppers’ 12-game home losing streak, WKU could also snap this Homecoming slump.

And while we prepare for the game Saturday, a few notes about what to expect for you alumni that haven’t been back in a while.

Third down thunder passed away — which was very well documented, by the way. Now when the Toppers get a stop on third down, the fans are supposed to yell, “get off the field.”

WKU touches a statue of a towel before each game. The statue, cast out of the same mold as Ed Diddle’s hand outside the arena, was donated by President Gary Ransdell.

And I’m not sure how the concessions are going to be. You all missed dollar hot dogs last weekend.

Nonetheless, you’re sure to get a show, as well as a Homecoming date that will make Mom and Dad smile.