LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Williams best choice for 7th District Judge

In the race for 7th District Judge, it’s the first time in 15 years that the people of Logan and Todd Counties have a choice: incumbent Sue Carol Browning or Ken Williams.

As Ken’s younger cousin, I have a message for Kentucky.

In seeing his professional side, it’s evident that he is driven, experienced and beyond capable. This makes him the ideal candidate to elect as district judge. On the personal side, I’ve seen that Ken is inspirational and motivational.

As a pre-med student at WKU, having a relative like Ken to admire keeps me focused academically. When I see Ken as a sharp attorney who is courageous enough to run for the demanding position of District Judge, I am amazed and proud.

Who would’ve thought a young man raised in a small town like Russellville by a simple, Christian family could evolve into the successful attorney and popular 7th District Judge candidate that Ken is today?

With the 7th District Court in dire need of reform, hopefully voters will keep in mind that Ken Williams is the choice for change.

If elected district judge, I’m confident that he will bring the changes our judicial system needs, and he would be an asset to the development of the next generation.

Autum Calloway

Russellville sophomore