News brief: WKU’s network seeing increased usage

Caitlin Carter

The expansion of the “WKU-WIRELESS” network this semester eliminated the need of “WKU-RESIDENTIAL,” which was only available in the dorms, said Bob Owen, vice president for Information Technology.

“WKU-WIRELESS” is now the only network students have to log onto. Because of this, it has experienced a 50 percent increase in usage, Owen said.

At one point last week, more than 5,300 students were logged in at once, he said.


To accommodate visitors who frequent campus and wish to have Internet access, a guest network was created, Owen said.

Owen said that since the creation of “WKU-GUEST,” a maximum of 11,000 people have been on both wireless networks at the same time.

“A wireless network must be able to handle this amount of users,” Owen said.

“Ours is and it has.”