Author discusses connection between feminism and vegetarianism

Amira Ahmetovic

Carol Adams, author, feminist and vegan, gave a presentation based on her book, “The Sexual Politics of Meat,” in the Garrett Ballroom earlier this evening.

Adams discussed the connection between feminism and vegetarianism, along with racism, homophobia and social class.

Before the lecture, a catering and beverage management class prepared a vegan tasting, which included vegan desserts.

Adams’ presentation focused on images from the entertainment world that deal with the promotion of meat eating and exploiting women to get male consumers.

“In my life, I want to do the least harm possible,” Adams said.

She shared the nine feminist-vegan points, which emphasized the similarities between the treatment of women and animals in today’s society. Her points included the ideas that meat eating is associated with virility and masculinity and women are animalized and animals are sexualized and feminized.

Jane Olmsted, director of women’s studies, said the presentation provided a thorough mix of theory and practical images.

“It was extremely intellectually stimulating, shocking and provocative,” she said.

Adams’ lecture challenged some of the audience’s eating habits.

“(Adams) was very informative and challenging,” Bowling Green junior Meagan Harris said. “I’m not a vegan, so my stance on eating was challenged.”

Starting next week, WKU will have “Meatless Mondays” on campus, said Matt Vaughan, a senior from Mexico, Mo.

Vaughan, who is involved in planning of “Meatless Mondays,” said some campus community members won’t eat meat that day.