Bar and grill aims to mix drinks, people

Charles Coleman, 43, of Bowling Green, shoots some pool at Berlenz Bar and Grill off of Morgantown Rd. Tuesday night. “My favorite thing about this place is open mic night on Tuesdays,” Coleman said. He comes to Berlenz most Tuesdays to listen to the music and hear his brother play. ALYSSA ORR/HERALD

Cristen Friddell

Mixing alcohol and friends was David Woodall Jr.’s goal when he decided to open Berlenz Bar and Grill last December.

The bar and grill is located at 1823 Morgantown Road and is about two miles away from campus.

Woodall opened the bar and grill to provide a hangout for both students and residents.

Berlenz features a variety of drinks as well as a lunch and dinner grill. 

“They say we have the best wings in town,” he said.

General Manager Jennifer Fein said they make sure to use fresh chicken for their wings along with their own special sauce.

“People really seem to like them,” she said. “They are not too hot. They are just right.”

The venue has been home to two other bars, Grumpy’s Bar and Stillwater, before Berlenz opened in December of last year.

“Some of our regulars have been coming here throughout the three generations of bars,” Woodall said.

Manager Mason Kennedy, who used to work at a resort in Florida, brought many tropical drink recipes with him to Berlenz.

“Here, we have mostly beer-drinkers,” he said. “But people like to try new stuff too.”

Kennedy said he likes to experiment with new recipes.

His latest concoction is a drink he calls “Absolute Confusion,” but the recipe, he said, is a secret.

At night, Berlenz hosts many events such as karaoke nights and poker tournaments.

“Western students love our karaoke and all-you-can-drink nights on Wednesday,” Fein said.

Cover for karaoke and all-you-can-drink Wednesday nights is $5 for ladies and $8 for guys, she said.

There are live bands on Friday and Saturday nights at the bar and grill,  featuring a variety of musical talents.

“We have such diverse styles — anyone can come in here and find someone to connect with,” said Kennedy, who is also a member of the band Rock+Hardcase that often performs at Berlenz.

Woodall said they’re always on the lookout for new, talented bands, especially those who are based in Bowling Green.

Woodall said he hopes to hold a band competition at the bar and grill in the future.

Berlenz is also available as a venue to be rented out for private parties and events, Woodall said.

He said he had one WKU sorority book a party with him this year.

Next Friday,  Berlenz will host “Girls Gone Wild.”

This is the second time Berlenz has hosted this event.

“Last time, we had record turn-out,” Fein said. “We are ecstatic about having them again.”

Cover for the event is $10 for guys and free for ladies, she said.