Hilltoppers roll with local derby team

Rialda Zukic

An Honors student might be stereotyped as a know-it-all who spends a Saturday night at home reading a book.

But you can find some Honors students participating in events such as the roller derby, including Bowling Green sophomore Magnolia Gramling, or “Death Blossom,” as she’s known in the skating rink.

Gramling joined others spent their Saturday night at the Skate Box, located on Three Springs Road, for the “Head of the Clash” roller derby event.

The event pitted Nashville-based Lower Broads against Bowling Green’s home team, the Vixens.

The Lower Broads won the derby, with a final score of 128 to the Vixens’ 70.

About 400 people came out to support their favorite roller derby team at the event, which was the third roller derby Bowling Green has hosted.

A portion of the proceeds from the event go to the Barren River Area Safe Space and the Capitol Arts Alliance, according to the event’s brochure.

Murray sophomore Hallie Collins is another Honors student who participates in the roller derby.

She said she recently joined the team in hopes of getting more respect from others.

Craig Cobane, executive director of the Honors College, came to the derby to support the Honors community.

He said there is a misconception about Honors students, and people think they walk around with duct tape on their glasses.

Cobane said it’s important for people to know that Honors students participate in many activities outside of academics, such as the roller derby, varsity sports, arts and theater.

But it’s not just the Honors College that’s getting in on the roller derby action. Others in the WKU community are involved.

Tucker Davis, the head coach of the home team, is a developmental math instructor at WKU.

He said that when he was first approached to coach, he was hesitant to say yes.

Shortly after watching the Demolition City Roller Derby in Evansville, Davis said he was hooked.

“It’s not your mama’s roller derby,” he said.

Davis said that any woman 18 or older can play. He said the team members’ ages range from 18 to 43.

Ran Hao, from Chongqing, China, is a new faculty member at WKU who is teaching elementary and intermediate Chinese. She said that it was nice to see people from different walks of life come together to skate at Saturday’s derby.