Senior student’s wardrobe shows passion for fashion

“I really don’t monitor my actions,” said senior Randy Palmer, 22, of Louisville. “I just do what pops in my head.” Palmer said he alters most of his clothes as a hobby, because the body is the best canvas and clothes are an extension of it.

Zirconia Alleyne

Someone once called senior Randy Palmer the Lady Gaga of WKU.

“I dress how I feel. If I feel crazy, I dress crazy, but I guess I look that way all the time,” said Palmer, who was sporting black skinny jeans, chunky knee-high boots and a leather jacket embellished with zippers.

Palmer said many people see him around campus in his goth makeup and black attire, and they instantly assume he has a dark personality.

He was 13 when his parents gave him free reign of his wardrobe. He began buying things to create his personal style, which includes a lot of black.

He called the color chic, flattering, mysterious and sexy.

Though he loves to dress up in dark hues, he said he has a bright persona.

“I’m very crazy-fun and outspoken, so my style is very loud,” he said.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, Palmer likes a little bit of everything. Boots, heels and corsets top Palmer’s list of must-haves.

“I like a lot of punk and alternative styles, a little of mainstream stuff, and I put it all together,” he said. “I shop any and everywhere.”

His friends love that he is a risk taker in fashion.

Julia Fisher, a WKU alumna from Louisville, thinks his fashion is a mix of the Victorian era, Romanticism and goth.

“He has a very sophisticated approach to his style that one doesn’t see often on a college campus,” Fisher said.

Owensboro senior April Varble said his style is unmatched.

“Not many people have the balls to pull off what Randy does and look half as good doing it,” she said.

She said it surprises her that people are scared of him because his style is goth and femme.

“I just think people are afraid of anything that does not stink of sameness,” Varble said.

She said she can’t wait for him to break into the fashion industry.

Palmer mentioned Vivienne Westwood as his favorite designer, explaining that her designs exude the eccentric styles he craves. Westwood has designed for the Sex Pistols and “Sex in the City.”

After he graduates in May, he plans to use his degree in design, textiles and merchandising to begin his own line, Dress Up in Dye.

“I want to do it all,” he said. “I don’t like limiting myself or being put in a box.”