What’s Your Story?

Emily Salmon

n fifth grade, Katie Beard decided the rest of her life.

As part of an elementary school project, Beard interviewed WBKO anchor Amy Bingham and decided that she wanted to be a broadcast journalist when she grew up.

Now she is at Western living out her dream.

The Bowling Green freshman, who describes herself as a “typical overachiever,” dreams of working for ABC News.

During a family vacation to New York City, Beard stayed in a hotel across the street from ABC News, and decided that’s where she wanted to work.

She said she dreams of being just like Diane Sawyer. “I think she’s awesome,” she said.

But broadcasting isn’t the only thing that Beard loves. She said that the most important moment in her life is the day she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior when she was in junior high. Beard attended a private Catholic elementary school and attends State Street United Methodist Church. She admits that going to church is a little more of a challenge now that she lives on campus.

“My roommate gets me up and makes me go,” she said.

Beard’s father, Craig Beard, graduated from Western in 1978. He said that while he believes that he had somewhat of an influence on her decision to attend Western, he doesn’t think that he has that much of an influence on her strong faith. He credits role models in the church for helping Beard with strengthening her faith.

“Of the four in our family, Katie is the most spiritual,” he said. “When it comes to faith, she influences our family more than we influence her.”

Beard has a 14-year-old brother, and like many firstborns, feels pressure to succeed.

“I was raised with a lot of people watching me,” she said. “I felt that I couldn’t let people down.”

In high school, Beard was editor of the yearbook and captain of the golf team.

Her father said she also puts some of that pressure on herself. “We always push our kids to meet their potential,” he said. “She also has pushed herself a little bit.”

Beard won’t spend all of her time studying and going to church, however. In her first week on campus, she pledged Alpha Delta Pi sorority and said she enjoys singing, listening to music and watching movies with her girlfriends. She said she also plans to get involved in one of the Christian ministries on campus.

Although she isn’t far from home, Beard said that being on campus is like going to a different town.

“I feel really at home here,” she said.

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