Crime Reports


• Ashley M. Clark, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported on Aug. 31 criminal trespassing in a PFT shower room.

• Laurel L. Adkins, McCormack Hall, reported on Sept. 1 her calculator stolen from her dorm’s hallway. The value of the theft was $100.

• Michael R. Brantley, Diddle Arena, reported on Aug. 27 wanton endangerment at the Downing University Center crosswalk.

• David D. Degner, Northeast Hall, reported his black Schwinn bicycle stolen from in front of his dorm. The value of the theft was $150.

• Rakan F. Elsalem, Barnwood Drive, reported on Aug. 27 his American pitbull/red nose terrier stolen from his 1995 Gold Maszda B2200 pickup truck. The value of the theft was $925.

• Anthony J. Oswald, Keen Hall, reported on Aug. 27 his cell phone stolen from his backpack at the fine arts center. The value of the theft was $150.

• Heather Crawford, PFT hall director, reported on Aug. 28 arson in her dorm.

• Michael Miciotto, campus police, reported on Aug. 29 criminal mischief in the third degree in the parking structure.


• Rodrigo Toledo, 14th Street, was arrested on Aug. 29 for alcohol intoxication. He was released from the Warren County Regional Jail on Aug. 30 per court order.