Todd cites ‘personal conflicts’ in resignation

Beth Wilberding

The leader more than 700 students voted for in March as the Student Government Association president will not serve in that capacity this fall.

Henderson senior Nick Todd submitted in July his resignation as SGA president, citing personal conflicts within the association.

The former vice president of finance came under investigation in April for the misuse of more than $600 through food purchases in an SGA Dining Dollars account.

“Even after hearing that I was charged with nothing, those individuals that I defeated are still trying to stir unfounded allegations,” Todd said yesterday in a written statement to the Herald.

He said he did nothing wrong.

Bulan senior Jessica Martin, who ran against Todd in the presidential election, said she didn’t know what “kind of false statements people have been making.”

Todd said he would still attend Western in the fall and remain active in campus organizations, excluding SGA.

“I do not wish to play petty politics nor allow others to continually drag my good name through the dirt,” he said.

Former SGA President John Bradley initiated the inquiry into the possible misuse of university funds in the Dining Dollars account, Gene Tice, vice president of Student Affairs and Campus Services said.

Tice would not comment on the investigation, but said it has been completed.

Charley Pride, director of student activities and organizations and SGA adviser, also declined to comment on whether Todd faces any disciplinary action.

Todd, Bradley and Pride were the only people with access to the account.

Pride initially led the investigation that was turned over on April 20 to campus police, the university internal auditor and student judicial affairs.

In April, Todd denied any wrongdoing regarding the reported financial impropriety. He said he was looking forward to serving as SGA president.

Radcliff junior Katie Dawson is acting as president until the new SGA presidential election is held Sept. 14-15.

The reported misuses in the account were made in purchases of less than $5 each, Bradley said in April.

There were 138 food purchases of less than $10 made at Subway restaurant in Downing University Center, the Subway in Garrett Center, the Fresh Food Company, Freshens, Java City, Domino’s restaurant, Garrett Food Court and Grille Works, according to an independent Herald review.

Aramark gave SGA $5,000 for the 2003-04 academic year for the Dining Dollars account. The money was supposed to be used to purchase food for SGA events. There was $1,200 left in the account at the start of the investigation.

Todd was elected SGA President in March, receiving 772 votes. Martin received 424 votes. A total of 1,232 students participated in the two-day online election.

Despite his resignation, Todd said in his statement that he thinks SGA is a “wonderful organization” and that he hopes “the issues of the past will not hinder its good works.”

Todd said he encourages other students to join the association.

But he said remaining in office after the investigation would have affected his ability as president.

“I couldn’t be the best president possible because of everything that happened,” Todd said. “I lost that spark that I had at the end of the year when I got elected.”

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