T-shirt, basic rights.

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Our soldiers certainly do put their lives on the line to defend our basic freedoms and way of government embodies in the Constitution and other founding documents. Our Constitution does guarantee that Sigma Chi fraternity can engage in any form of political speech they desire and not face persecution from government institutions.

Regarding the first amendment, the Constitution does not in any way make any provision to protect us from the social harassment of our peers. It applies to government, not the opposing opinions of others. While good moral principles and respect for others are certainly part of our heritage, the freedom that the professor was talking about is not enshrined in our founding documents. According to Dr. Thomas Sowell of the Hoover institution, these types of interpretations that are often made in our courts lead to a terrible usurpation and transfer of power from the people and legislatures. It is this case that our basic and fundamental rights suffer tyranny.

The shirt was certainly disrespectful. Trying to defend it by adulterating the letter and spirit of our Constitution that our soldiers risk their lives defending is not much better.

Matt Bogard

Graduate Student

Department of Agriculture

1797 Creason Street

Bowling Green, KY


Hometown- Taylorsville, KY.